The Drive to Connect

The Drive to Connect

Think about the brands you like. Or love. Or you can’t live without.

You have a strong emotional connection with that brand. That strong emotional connection – it’s what truly makes something a brand – is how we think and feel about it.

But to make your brand loveable – for people to feel a strong emotional connection to it – is far easier said than done.

The way people interact with brands has changed…attitudes have changed, attention spans have changed. It’s harder than ever to effectively engage with a target audience.

We want more connections, we want them to run deeper, and we need them more than ever, because the upside is huge: connections lead to affinity, and affinity leads to ongoing loyalty.


The Drive to Connect explores insights into how brands connect with fans in the sport of NASCAR through their partnerships with Richard Childress Racing.

It’s a fresh perspective on how a NASCAR team sponsorship truly works as a marketing and business development platform.

It’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how we at RCR bring heritage, innovation and competition to life for our partners and for our fans.

We believe you’ll find the stories we’re sharing informative. And we believe that they’ll change your perception of what a NASCAR team sponsorship can do to stimulate the critical connections everyone’s seeking out.