How Much Does a NASCAR Sticker Cost?

How Much Does a NASCAR Sticker Cost?

When it comes to NASCAR, there is a big learning curve into truly understanding how sponsorship works. This one is the most commonly asked question we get:

“How much does a sticker on a race car cost?”

Safe to say everyone wonders that, and it is an interesting question but one that has never been clearly answered.

So to set the record straight once and for all, here’s the definitive answer to the sticker price tag question:

The cost…cannot be accurately calculated, actually.

Not trying to be funny…there is an explanation, so bear with us.

The problem with this question lies with the question itself. To the uninitiated, a NASCAR sponsorship starts and ends with a sticker (we call it branding) on a race car. Do not get us wrong, on-car branding is great for awareness, and it officially ties the sponsor to the driver and team.

But branding is only the tip of the iceberg; it is just one piece in a set of assets that makes up a complete sponsorship platform.


To fully capitalize on a sponsorship platform, our partners take advantage of all assets made available to them. While each one in of itself is impactful, together the full platform really moves the needle in connecting the sponsor with its target audiences.

When our partners buy a race car logo sticker, they also capitalize on connecting with their audiences by utilizing the full platform of assets included. For example:

  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen utilizes their primary sponsorship with the No. 8 car through VIP hosting and exclusive hospitality at the track. This includes providing high-value customers and prospects once-in-a-lifetime at-track experiences, including meet & greets with Kyle Busch, hauler tours, pit box seating and more.
  • Get BioFuel utilizes a primary and associate sponsorship with the No. 3 car as well as celebrity brand ambassadors (Richard Childress and Austin Dillon), RCR experts (engine turners and race engineers) and a social/digital media campaign.  Through this partnership they are building brand awareness and preference for e15 biofuel.
  • Dow works with RCR competition engineers to integrate its products into our race cars. Not only can Dow test their technologies in a very strenuous environment like NASCAR, they can also use the integrations as a showcase when speaking with their customers.

As you can see, sponsorship is not only about car logos and eyeballs; it is about utilizing a robust platform of assets that generates impact with key audiences, from fans in the stands to C-level executives.

Kyle Busch poses with Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen guests after a pre-race meet and greet at Phoenix Raceway, March 12 2023.