Five Misconceptions of NASCAR Sponsorship

Five Misconceptions of NASCAR Sponsorship

January 23, 2023: Kyle Busch shoot at RCR Studio in Welcome, NC. (HHP/Harold Hinson)

By and large the sport of NASCAR has received high accolades over the years for its patriotism, fan loyalty and strong sponsor backing. Those who work in our industry and our loyal fans know that sponsors are key to the equation—without their financial support, teams would not be able to compete each weekend.

A team partnership with Richard Childress Racing is not only beneficial for the team and the driver behind the wheel, but it also provides a wealth of opportunities for our sponsors to market their businesses and increase their bottom line. Those outside the sport may not be as familiar with the benefits of a team partnership, so we have decided to break down five common misconceptions about sponsorships in NASCAR accompanied by the truths about our sport.

1. NASCAR is a niche sport

With 65 million fans, the sport of NASCAR has not been niche for quite some time. In fact, it is the #2 most-watched sport in the U.S., trailing only the NFL.1 Its fanbase spans a diverse audience of passionate, loyal fans who are invested in the teams and sponsors.

2. NASCAR does not have national reach

While NASCAR has roots in the southeast, today it is very much a national sport, in terms of both our fan base and the footprint where our events take place. Thanks to a new, dynamic schedule, the 10-month race season makes stops in key markets across the United States. 60% of NASCAR’s fanbase lives outside the southeast, and the top two NASCAR markets by number of people interested in the sport are New York and Los Angeles.2

3. NASCAR sponsorships are too expensive

We often hear companies say that they cannot afford to be in NASCAR, but that is simply not true. Many things have changed in the world of NASCAR, and this evolution has created points of entry for companies of different sizes and budget levels. At RCR, we work with our partners at various budgets to create the partnership platform that is best for them. Our goal is to provide a range of options that will meet sponsors’ price points while also demonstrating the tremendous impact that the partnership with us will have on their bottom line. By creating metrics on the frontend, we will be able to easily evaluate the value of the partnership and ROI over time.

4. NASCAR lacks modern technology

While this might be a quick assumption, the list of technological advancements that our sport has made in recent years is long. Richard Childress Racing has placed a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of innovation and modern technology in our race team, which includes a fully integrated onsite Command Center that uses the power of predictive analytics to enhance performance and optimize results on race day.

5. NASCAR sponsorships are simply about brand awareness

While brand awareness can play a role in a team partnership, our program is about so much more than just branding on a car. Whether you are looking to connect with a loyal fanbase, establish B2B connections with the numerous Fortune 500 companies that participate in NASCAR, or increase sales, RCR can create a plan that best meets your business goals. Want to learn more about what our RCR partners are doing? Click here to read their success stories.


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